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        Q:What's my username/password?

        A: If youve forgotten your username or password, enter the email address you used when you created your account and follow the prompts to reset your password. If you don’t have access to that email address anymore or need additional assistance, contact us. 

        Q: How do I update my contact information?

        A: On your profile page, choose the pencil icon next to Contact Details in the left column.

        Q: How do I control what information people can see about me? 

        A: On your profile page, choose the My Account tab and then Privacy Settings to set what information is visible and to whom. When you’re done, click Save Changes at the bottom of the page. 

        Q: How do I deactivate my Connect account? 

        A: If it turns out Connect isn’t for you and you want to deactivate your account, email us for help. 


        Q: How do I find other Connectors and add them to my contact list?

        A: To find people, choose Network and then Find Connections on the main page, then search by: 

        • Name 
        • Email address 
        • Location 
        • Causes you’re interested in 
        • What industry do you work in 

        You’ll see an Add As Contact option to the right of each person in your search results. Click this button to send a contact request. Another option to add contacts: When you view someone’s profile, click the contact request button to the right of their profile picture. 

        Q: Why should I add contacts to my contact list?

        A: Building your Connect network makes it easy to send people messages, stay in touch, ask questions, and even create a referral network. And when you view someone’s profile, you’ll see any contacts you have in common. You can also choose to let your contacts see certain information or interests in your profile that other people cant access. 


        Q: What are the Connect discussion forums?

        A: The discussion forums are online communities where you can share ideas, ask questions, talk about an interesting article you read, seek people’s opinions, and more. We have forums about volunteering and professional development, as well as one for whatever’s on your mind.

        Q: Which discussion forums do I already belong to?

        A: Go to Discuss on the main navigation bar and then All Discussion Forums. Any forums that you don’t already belong to will have an orange Join option next to the name of the forum.

        Q: How do I join a discussion forum?

        A: Choose Discuss on the main navigation bar and then All Discussion Forums. Click the orange Join option next to the name of any forum you’d like to be part of, then choose how you want to receive messages about new posts by people in that group. 

        Q: How can I control how often I get discussion forum emails? 

        A: On your profile page, choose the My Account tab and then Forum Notifications. Scroll down to the NOTIFICATIONS SETTINGS heading and find the drop-down menus under Discussion Email. Choose the option you prefer for each discussion forum: 

        • Real Time sends an email every time a new message is posted. 
        • Daily Digest sends one email each day that includes all the posts from the previous day. 
        • No Email allows you to be part of the group without receiving emails about posts. You can still post and read others’ messages by going to the forum. 

        Q: How do I leave a discussion forum?

        A: On the forums main page, choose the Settings icon underneath the forum name, then click Leave Community.

        Q: How do I respond to posts?

        From the original post or from any response in the thread, you can click Reply to offer your thoughts, reactions, or suggestions on the topic being discussed. Reply to the thread to share knowledge, experiences, or resources that everyone could benefit from. 

        Q: How do I start a new discussion thread?

        A: There are a few different ways:  

        The easiest way is to go to Discuss on the main navigation bar and then choose Start a Discussion. 

        • You can also go to Discuss, choose Recent Posts, and then select the orange Post New Message button if you’re looking through the recent posts and feel inspired.  
        • And if you’re on the main page of a particular forum, you can use the orange Add button next to the NEWEST DISCUSSIONS heading.  

        Using any of these methods, you can then choose which forum you want to post in, give your post a subject heading, and compose your message. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find an orange Post button, along with other options. Note that Connect’s community manager, Quinn, reviews first-time posts before they become public. 

        Q: I’m having trouble with the HTML email messages. How do I fix this? 

        A: If you’re not receiving images in the messages and would like to, check whether an option in your email settings is blocking them. You can likely change this in your security or viewing options. 
        If youd rather receive text-only emails, go to your profile page, choose the My Account tab and then Forum Notifications. Scroll down to the NOTIFICATIONS SETTINGS heading and find the drop-down menus under Discussion Email. Select the Plain Text format option for each discussion forum.

        Q: Can I search for posts across all discussion forums?

        A: Yes! Find the search bar on the right side of the main navigation panel and enter a keyword to find a topic that may appear in more than one discussion forum. To refine your search results, use the filters on the left side of the screen. 

        Q: How do I find all the thread subjects in a specific discussion forum?

        A: Go to Discuss on the main navigation bar and then All Discussion Forums. Choose the forum where you want to find the thread subjects. Scroll down the page to find the See More option and choose that. You’ll see the thread titles with the number of replies and when the last reply was posted.  

        OUR MENTOR MATCH | Top

        Q: What is the Connect Mentor Match program? 

        A: It’s our way of helping you create mentoring relationships. We know that making a connection is personal, so you’re in charge of the process. You can tell us what you’re looking for or what kind of expertise you can offer, and we’ll recommend people who match that.

        Q: How are people matched? 

        A: We use the information you give us to determine which people will be the best fit. This can be based on your interests or needs, the topics you want coaching on or have expertise in, the time you can invest, and where you are in your career. We’ll provide you with a list of potential matches so you can learn more about them on their profiles.

        Q: How do I find a mentor? 

        A: Visit the enrollment page and fill out the form to tell us about yourself and what you’re looking for. Choose what topics you’d like to cover, where you are in your career, and how often you want to meet. Save your profile and then choose Search For A Mentor,which will give you our recommended matches. Review the profiles of your potential mentors, and if you think someone will be a good match, click Send A Mentor Request and follow the prompts to send your message. 

        Q: How do I become a mentor? 

        A:  Start by filling out our short application. If you’re accepted, we’ll send you more information including a link to an online training course through Rotary’s Learning Center.  

        After you’ve completed the course, go into your profile and choose topics that you can share expertise about. Then choose Search and you’ll get a list of recommended matches. Review their profiles, and if you find someone you want to work with, click Send A Mentee Request and follow the prompts to send an introduction message.  

        If someone chooses you as their mentor, you’ll get a request in your Connect inbox and at the email address associated with your account. You can choose to accept or reject the request.  

        Q: How long will the mentoring relationship last? 

        A: We recommend that you meet regularly for six months, but the program is flexible and communication is key. At your first meeting, discuss whether you want to meet for more or less than six months and decide on a frequency for meeting that best supports your goals. Some people meet every week, every two weeks, or every month. It’s really upto you. 


        Q: What is my volunteer profile, and how do I find it?

        A: Your volunteer profile is an important part of the Connect Volunteer Experience. When you tell us your interests, the causes you’re interested in, what skills you can contribute, and how far away you’re willing to go, we can invite you to opportunities that match what you’re looking for.  

        You can find your volunteer profile within your main profile. Click the circle with your first initial at the top right of any Connect page and choose Profile. Then click the My Profile tab and choose My Volunteer Profile. 

        Q: What is opportunity matching, and how do I sign up? 

        A: Opportunity matching means that after you’ve filled out your volunteer profile, you’ll receive invitations for activities and events that match your interests. To sign up for this, visit your volunteer profile (found in the My Profile tab of your main profile) and toggle the OPPORTUNITY MATCHING section to Yes 

        Q: Can I see just the opportunities near me or sort by what I’m interested in?

        A: Yes! You can filter by lots of different factors, including location, interests, and time commitment, by clicking the Show Filter box at the top of the volunteer opportunities list. Set your preferences and click the orange Apply Filter button. 

        Q: I’d like to volunteer virtually. Can I choose just from opportunities that are online? 

        A: Yes. Use the Location filter to select Online Only. 

        Q: I want to post my organization’s volunteer opportunities on Connect. How do I do this?

        A: Contact the Connect team! We’ll get you started. 

        Q: Can I post about an activity I’m taking part in (but not organizing) to find more people who are interested? 

        A: Although you can’t post the event in the list of opportunities, you can post about it in the Volunteering Forum and encourage people to join you.  

        Q: How can I know which activities are accessible to someone with vision or mobility considerations? 

        A: If this information isnt provided specifically in the description, contact the organizer of the activity. Their name is listed on the event page.  

        Q: After I’ve volunteered with an organization, can I provide feedback? 

        A: Absolutely! If you want to share your feedback with: 

        • The event organizer, contact them directly using the information listed on the event page  
        • The Connect team, contact us using this form  
        • The Connect community, create a new post in the Volunteering Forum