Weekly #ProTip: Connecting Through Discussion

By Emily Stamm posted 05-22-2020 13:32

Let’s discuss DISCUSSIONS.

You may have noticed each community has both discussions and libraries. Both of these features help participants share information and receive feedback. As a community manager, I spend a lot of time creating and reviewing community content. Along the way, I’ve learned a few tricks that I thought might be helpful to our new (and more seasoned) community Connectors.

Discussions are best for asking questions or sharing information, experiences, or ideas that you would like to get community feedback about.

You can either reply to existing discussion threads with useful and relevant information or start your own! New discussion posts should include:

  • A clear purpose/topic: “With the state of the world, I found this about [insert topic] information very interesting. I wanted to share it with you all and see what you thought."
  • A point of engagement for others to join the discussion: "What do you all think?" or "I would love to hear if anyone else has expertise or experience on this topic!”

Looking for additional tips to make your posts even better? We got you: 

  • Break up lengthy posts with bullets and bolded text for important details. (We're all guilty of skimming...)
  • Got a lot of great content? Awesome - spread it out over a few posts.
  • Ask yourself: is this relevant (think about the community purpose, think about discussions that are going on) and/or timely?
  • If you make a new discussion post, give others time to respond (24-48 hours). 

#ProTip: Once you start creating a discussion, the content will start to autosave. You can also save a draft and come back to it later. If your computer crashes or you need to take a break never fear, your content is still HERE!

*Find your draft by going to your profile, selecting the “my activity” tab, then selecting the “my contributions” page. This page will show you all the      content you have already posted as well as any content that you have drafted or that has been autosaved. *