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  • 1.  3 Reasons introverts can be good leaders

    Posted 07-11-2022 09:02
    Edited by Lee Ann Searight 07-11-2022 09:03
    People often assume I'm an extrovert. I'm loud, opinionated, and make my presence known. But when it comes down to definitions, I am DEFINITELY an introvert. "Unlike extroverts, who gather energy by being around others, introverts typically prefer more intentional and quiet moments. But, just as it would be inaccurate to characterize all extroverts as outgoing, all introverts are not shy. And just because someone identifies as an introvert doesn't mean they're not a good leader, either."

    This article details 3 reasons that introverts can make good leaders that really resonate with me. To summarize:
    1. Introverts carefully consider their words and the words of others. "Listening allows introverts to build and maintain deeper, more meaningful relationships-an essential for being an effective leader."
    2. Introverted leaders can invite more diverse viewpoints. "Many introverts "struggle to show up the way they want to or need to in meetings," says DiGirolamo. "Their sensitivity to external stimuli means that they are easily overwhelmed in large group settings." THIS IS SO SO SO SO SO ME. 
    3. Introverted leaders demonstrate self-awareness. "They are perceptive of themselves and those around them," says DiGirolamo. In this way, introverts are effective leaders because they can both maintain awareness of the room and understand their effect on others.

    Now, I'm not saying extroverts aren't excellent leaders who don't-- or can't-- possess these three skills. But some studies indicate that as many as 96%  leaders consider themselves to be extroverts, so like it or not, introverts are outnumbered in positions of leadership. So I'm wondering how introverts can embrace these qualities and advocate to be considered leaders-- thoughts?

    Lee Ann Searight

  • 2.  RE: 3 Reasons introverts can be good leaders

    Posted 07-11-2022 14:46
    Hey @Lee Ann Searight - thanks for posting this great article.

    I've almost always identified as an extrovert, and while that's still mostly true, my inner introvert has definitely been making itself known over the last couple of years. In professional contexts though, I'm almost always an extrovert. I lean into it because that's what's still most comfortable​. That said, I really appreciate my introverted colleagues for many reasons, and specifically for what you mentioned in #3 above -- the awareness piece. I feel like my introverted colleagues are INCREDIBLE at ​noticing, well, everything. While I'm busy bouncing around a room, checking in with folks, talking through ideas as they happen, my colleagues are keenly taking note of what's going on, how people are reacting, how they're feeling. And those are excellent leadership qualities.

    Stay awesome,