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  • 1.  A Pocket History of Sexism

    Posted 01-04-2023 08:58
    Edited by Quinn Drew 01-04-2023 10:50
    I love pockets - the more the merrier - because I don't like carrying things. A bag is fine, sure, but also its own worry (especially when going to events like concerts and sports games). I've loooooooooooooong been known to complain about the difference in pocket size between men and women's clothing, so I found this article super interesting this morning. (Note: it is from a women-owned company, so towards the end, it does get fairly "pitchy")

    Here are a couple of things I found particularly interesting: 
    • Through the middle ages, satchels ruled supreme. Clothing featured a slit into which you could reach to access a small bag that held your belongings.
    • In 1910, suffragette suits with 6+ pockets became all the rage. As the World Wars began, women recruited to work turned to more practical clothing, with trousers and large pockets becoming the norm for women through the 1940s. Of course, everything changed when WWII ended, and men returned to their jobs. An ultra-feminization of women's fashion, led by Christian Dior's 1947 New Look, shrunk or removed functional pockets in women's clothing. In fact, Dior is quoted as saying "Men have pockets to keep things in, women for decoration."
    • 2018 study of 80 pairs of jeans found that the average pockets in women's jeans are 48% shorter and 6.5% narrower than men's pockets. They also calculated that only 10% of the women's pants had front pockets that could accommodate a whole hand…. While a hand could fit in 100% (ALL) of the men's pant styles.
    I'm curious how everyone else feels about pockets - am I alone in my Quest for Good Pockets for All? (and to all a good night!)

    Stay awesome,

  • 2.  RE: A Pocket History of Sexism

    Posted 01-04-2023 11:28
    This article was super interesting, @Quinn Drew! I love learning the surprisingly complex history behind everyday things.

    This comic by Loryn Brantz pretty much sums up how I feel about pockets:

    I am constantly on a quest for clothes with functional pockets, because like you, I don't like to carry a lot when I'm on the move. I'd say my biggest pocket complaint is with workout gear, which always has tiniest pockets that barely fit your keys, let alone a cellphone.

    One thing I do to streamline my stuff is use the Apple Wallet app and keep some important cards in my phone case. It's not bigger pockets, but it helps a little!

    Taylor Evans Ghosal
    Evanston IL

  • 3.  RE: A Pocket History of Sexism

    Posted 01-04-2023 11:33
    @Quinn Drew this is a great topic! The first thing I thought of was a discussion I had years ago with an older woman, who stated that no pockets and high heels was a conspiracy to keep women loaded down and immobile. I thought she was a little nuts, but I am beginning to see her point!

    When my daughter was very little, she objected to girls clothes because there were no pockets. So, we shopped for her jeans in the boys department.

    Pockets for everyone!​

    Maria Liccardo

  • 4.  RE: A Pocket History of Sexism

    Posted 01-04-2023 13:05
    @Maria Liccardo - oh for sure I see her point.
    @Taylor Evans Ghosal - that comic is SO GOOD. And good call on the apple wallet/using the phone. This is where I'm a little "old school" (or maybe just old) - I get so nervous that I'll drop my phone or it'll run out of battery or the place I'm going won't have ApplePay or whatever... so I carry the legit cards alongside the Apple Wallet option.

    My friend once told me that she'd never go out of her house without her "busy bag" because she never knew what the day would hold. It usually had a phone charger, a book, and a journal of sorts - and then whatever she decided to toss in last minute. I appreciate this mentality, and there are definitely days I lean into it, but for the days I know I'm just headed out for a short time, I just want some good pockets!! :) ​​

    Stay awesome,