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  • 1.  Are you watching the World Cup?

    Posted 11-30-2022 12:00
    Sports aren't my thing, but I am always amazed how they bring people together on almost all levels --- locally, nationally and even internationally. The only time I'm attuned to news from the world of sports is during global events, like the Olympics, or more recently, the World Cup. I may not know the rules of the game or be closely following which teams are advancing, but it's fun to watch video from soccer matches and see how fans from around the world support their teams. It definitely shows how no matter where someone is from in the world, there's always a way to find common ground. 

    Have you been tuning into the World Cup? Who are you cheering for? 
    I'm also wondering if you think there are any other global events that bring people together on the same level as the World Cup?

    Taylor Evans Ghosal
    Evanston IL

  • 2.  RE: Are you watching the World Cup?

    Posted 12-02-2022 08:51
    I generally like sports, but not any one in particular. If there's a game on, I'll probably watch it. And if someone has an extra ticket to a game, I'd take them up on it. But like you, @Taylor Evans Ghosal, I am totally drawn to international sports. The Olympics are one of my very favorite examples - and try as I might, I can never pick my "favorite" between summer and winter. I do always wish, though, that they'd show someone who's NOT an olympic athelete trying to attempt the sports (in a safe way) so we could see like, a baseline. The athletes always make it look so easy and I know it's not, but it's hard to remember that sometimes in the moment.

    I think @Mhari Goldstein is into soccer? And I /know/ @Nick Kapling is into the Olympics. I wonder what @Alison Randall is into?​​​​

    Stay awesome,

  • 3.  RE: Are you watching the World Cup?

    Posted 12-02-2022 15:12
    Like @Quinn Drew and you, @Taylor Evans Ghosal I'm not a die-hard sports fan. In fact, my 8-year-old son knows WAY more about sports, current players, and teams' standings than I do.

    But like Taylor and Quinn,  I enjoy seeing the national pride, the committed fans (and their face paint, wacky hats and creative face paint, flags, etc.), and the pageantry of international sporting events. I know @Brian King and @Andy Sternberg are watching closely as they are avid soccer fans. (Or is it football??)

    Either way, I will not be waking up at 5:00 am for a watch party. I'll wait for my 8-year-old to give me updates.  :)​​​​