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Being wise stewards of our riches

  • 1.  Being wise stewards of our riches

    Posted 05-18-2022 10:16
    I woke up this morning with two thoughts in my head. There are a lot of poor people in the world, and I squander an awful lot of the riches that I have been blessed with on things I don't absolutely need.
    I'm not sure any of the rest of you get struck by these pangs of (I think healthy) guilt from time to time. I don't dwell on it and beat myself up over it. I am not super rich or super wasteful. But I do like to use these feelings to examine the purchases I make, and explore opportunities to do something for those in need. 
    I remember a story I read recently where the entire point was how we don't have to travel to Africa to help people. The author made it clear there is nothing wrong with short term relief efforts or longer term interventions in the developing world. But there are many opportunities to help people very close to home.
    I read @Maureen Vaught blog post on Ending Hunger today, which I highly recommend reading. I certainly feel I could direct more of my spare change toward great causes like that.
    It again reminded me to be very inspective of the stuff I get it into my head that I "have to have" to improve my life. 
    But even beyond just writing a check, I need to motivate myself to find things I can volunteer my time to close to home, and ways to set aside the time to do it. Things like you can find her on Connect. 
    Just wish it wasn't easier said then done sometimes.
    Anyone else wrestle with thoughts like this form time to time? And how do you answer them?

    Arnie Grahl