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  • 1.  Being wise stewards of our riches

    Posted 05-18-2022 10:16
    Edited by Arnie Grahl 05-18-2022 16:23
    I woke up this morning with two thoughts in my head. There are a lot of poor people in the world, and I squander an awful lot of the riches that I have been blessed with on things I don't absolutely need.
    I'm not sure any of the rest of you get struck by these pangs of (I think healthy) guilt from time to time. I don't dwell on it and beat myself up over it. I am not super rich or super wasteful. But I do like to use these feelings to examine the purchases I make, and explore opportunities to do something for those in need. 
    I remember a story I read recently where the entire point was how we don't have to travel to Africa to help people. The author made it clear there is nothing wrong with short term relief efforts or longer term interventions in the developing world. But there are many opportunities to help people very close to home.
    I read @Maureen Vaught blog post on Ending Hunger today, which I highly recommend reading. I certainly feel I could direct more of my spare change toward great causes like that.
    It again reminded me to be very thoughtful of the stuff I get it into my head that I "have to have" to improve my life. 
    But even beyond just writing a check, I need to motivate myself to find things I can volunteer my time to close to home, and ways to set aside the time to do it. Things like you can find here on Connect. 
    Just wish it wasn't easier said then done sometimes.
    Anyone else wrestle with thoughts like this from time to time? And how do you answer them?

    Arnie Grahl

  • 2.  RE: Being wise stewards of our riches

    Posted 05-19-2022 09:27
    We all can be better stewards of our communities by doing volunteer work, whether it is through an organization like Rotary or some other civic one. Giving of $$$'s is great if you can, but hands on doing is even greater.  I agree that helping others around the world is something we Americans have always done, but I also agree sometimes we need to take care of our internal needs first. There are so many here in the US with so many needs, seniors, children, handicapped and our Veteran community. Reach out and help with you're in person attendance.

    Rev. Jim Klynman
    Woodstock Ga.

  • 3.  RE: Being wise stewards of our riches

    Posted 05-19-2022 15:23
    I think I know how you feel, @Arnie Grahl. Giving our money is more expedient than giving our time, so sometimes it feels like we're not doing enough or that we're not truly giving of ourselves, which is often our goal with voluntary contributions to our communities.  But I try to think of it as "every little bit counts," whether that's my time, money, or even talking up a cause among friends. Working full time, raising families, taking care of loved ones... I keep telling myself I'll have more time to  roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty when: the kids are out of the nest, I reach retirement, etc. Until then, I feel ok about writing those checks and giving other types of donations to causes I believe in. ​

    Maria Mooshil

  • 4.  RE: Being wise stewards of our riches

    Posted 05-19-2022 20:17
    Time is sometimes harder to give than $$$, especially when you have a family. I am a constantly being what I call a "Mummy taxi" shuffling kids to sport, dance, art, you name it. Love doing it but does put pressure on doing other things. I guess that is why I joined Rotary, now many years ago. Joined when I was 27, which at that stage wasn't the norm, but wanted to give back. Have been with my "Small but mighty" club for 20+ years now, & still love the people I have met, but more so the people we have helped over those years. So I juggle family, work & Rotary life, & TRY to get the right balance. (probably the hardest thing to
    So you do what you can & what you feel comfortable doing. No matter what country you come from, there is always need in your backyard. We still help those overseas, but do try to concentrate on our local communities. After our Govt budget that has just been released, we will have a lot of local to
    Take care everyone.

    Leanne Jaggs

  • 5.  RE: Being wise stewards of our riches

    Posted 05-23-2022 07:58
    This is a great conversation. Thanks for getting it started, @Arnie Grahl.

    I really resonate with the idea of ​doing what each of us can, when we can, how we can. I think one of the best gifts we can give ourselves and others is to realize that we're all doing the best we know how. Will everyone else do exactly what I would do in a situation? Absolutely not, but that leads to the beauty of community. Some folx will be able to donate their time, some their money, some their promotional skills, and some will do things I've never even known to think about. This is why I love the Connect community so much: we're all actively seeking ways to connect with each other, and to make the world around us a better place. Pretty rad to surround ourselves with folx like that.

    Stay awesome,