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  • 1.  Building (or maintaining) Culture in an Online World

    Posted 08-01-2022 13:39
    Recently I read through a thread in another online community that was working to answer the questions, "how do we build/maintain culture in teams and throughout organizations in a mostly remote world." Spoiler here: it seems like we ALL have the same question, rather than the answers to it. 

    As I considered this, I saw the post over in the Professional Development Forum, "Benchmark Your Pandemic Self,"​ which encourages us to consider our pandemic wins: what we're most proud of, and what we've done to innovate or progress our tasks/projects. 

    Besides the fact that these are both pandemic-related (or relatedish, at least) I think they play well off each other. Sharing a win/what we're most proud of/our progress is indeed a method of building culture. I find that when folx share their achievements, it really inspires me to dig a little deeper on my own projects. It also gets my brain thinking in ways it maybe hadn't considered previously, and that always feels reinvigorating. 

    What about y'all? What's worked for you to build or maintain your team or organizational culture over the last few years?

    Stay awesome,

  • 2.  RE: Building (or maintaining) Culture in an Online World

    Posted 08-04-2022 15:52
    I know this may not be a popular opinion, but I've found that having cameras turned on in meetings is pretty huge. Everything is so much more casual now that it's no big deal if someone didn't shave, or has their hair in a ponytail with no makeup, or has a pile of boxes in the background, or a psychotic cat wandering in front of the camera.

    Some teams I work with are all-cameras-all-the-time, and the conversations tend to be more interpersonal and dynamic. Some teams are absolutely all cameras off. I started working with some of these people during the pandemic and they don't have a photo and don't turn on their camera. It's a little like talking with someone in a drive-thru...more difficult to understand what they're saying and very impersonal. At the drive-thru when I move ahead and see a real person to pay and pass me delicious and fattening food, there's usually a smile and a much more friendly (and human!) interaction.

    I know bandwidth is an issue for many, like my colleagues in India, and that can't be helped. But for those of you with speedy internet, I would encourage turning on your camera and experimenting with how much more thoroughly you can participate with others in the "room"--it can make everything easier!  And less isolating. And lots more smiles. And more opportunities for random pet sightings!

    Maria Liccardo

  • 3.  RE: Building (or maintaining) Culture in an Online World

    Posted 08-05-2022 07:09
    100% in favor of camera ON.
    All need to realize that eye contact is so important in any conversation.
    I personally feel that when a face is not shown something is being hidden. Though so many work from home, they should get up, get dressed as if they were going to the office, maybe no tie though. When you feel good about yourself you give that off in your speech.
    Sorry do not mean to ramble but I think that the face contact is so very important. I have a call today at 10 where 50% are just a name.

    Rev. Jim Klynman
    Woodstock Ga.

  • 4.  RE: Building (or maintaining) Culture in an Online World

    Posted 08-05-2022 08:20
    Agreed! 100% camera on. It communicates confidence. Also, non-verbal cues are essential during a discussion, especially if the language during the meeting is not your first language. It's all about engagement, and as @Maria Liccardo said, I don't want to feel like I'm conversing with a bot, lol.​

    Mauricio Gonzales
    Content Marketing & Branding Specialist at GOOD DESIGN™

  • 5.  RE: Building (or maintaining) Culture in an Online World

    Posted 08-05-2022 08:55
    Totally agree with what y'all are saying. Having cameras on during meetings is such an important part of that interpersonal connection and communication. I know this, and also, it's such a good reminder. Because some days I'll admit that I'm just NOT feeling it. And it's not so much that I'm not dressed up/ready for the office (although, I will admit that when I work from home I'm usually in a t-shirt and shorts; mostly due to no AC in my place), but it's more that I'm having a rough day. 

    But this is also a good reminder for me that part of being authentic is showing up with our full selves and connecting, regardless of what else is going on. 

    Other than camera-on, any thoughts on how we can connect with each other while we're in this virtual world?

    Stay awesome,