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  • 1.  How to 'Get' Art

    Posted 01-11-2023 09:00
    When I'm traveling to a new city, visiting the local art museums is always at the top of my list. I find a lot of joy in art, history, and the solitude of these spaces. I especially appreciate when a museum is free and accessible to the public because art shouldn't be gatekept, it should be enjoyed by everyone.

    NPR posted an article recently called "Don't 'get' art? You might be looking at it wrong." Even though the headline is a kind of aggressive, the article itself shares tips from art professionals on how to feel inspired by art, including abstract art that can be more difficult to understand. The tips are listed below, but I recommend reading the article for more info. 

    How to 'Get' Art
    1. Keep an open mind
    2. Let the art be a conduit for your emotions
    3. Pick a museum that feels relevant to your interests
    4. Keep your museum visit short and focused
    5. Really look at the art
    6. Reflect and appreciate

    What I like about these tips is that they reframe your mindset about art, help you drop preconceived notions, and give you the tools to go deeper under the surface of the painting, sculpture, or other piece. The advice helps you see how there is more than meets the eye to even the seemingly simplest work.

    I think the tips could even be helpful in more everyday situations, such as looking at a conflict from another person's point of view, because they have empathy at their core.

    Art lovers and non-art lovers, do you find this advice valuable? Will you use it on your next museum visit?

    Do you think empathy is necessary for art appreciation, or can you just enjoy something at face value?

    Taylor Evans Ghosal
    Evanston IL