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  • 1.  Stretching ourselves

    Posted 06-10-2022 07:44

    At 4 p.m., my phone starts the soothing "Twinkle" tone and I know it's time to stretch. I can't believe it took two years into the pandemic to start doing this every day. But a colleague and I did a 30-day wellness challenge earlier this year, and we've kept at it since then. I've been really surprised at how much of a difference this little thing makes in my day and how I feel. Which made me wonder: What are other things we could all be doing for our mental and physical health in just two or three minutes a day?

    Amy Finkelstein

  • 2.  RE: Stretching ourselves

    Posted 06-10-2022 09:44
    Since I have primarily been working from home, I've also been taking time to stretch. Around lunchtime, I put on some relaxing ambient music and roll my back out on one of these handy back rollers. It's really helped my body, and on some of my high-stress days, it calms my racing mind too. I would love to hear some other suggestions! 

    Amanda Gose

  • 3.  RE: Stretching ourselves

    Posted 06-10-2022 10:09
    @Amy Finkelstein, yes yes yes! I recently read something about how monasteries have a bell that tolls once every hour, and no matter what the monks are doing they stop their chores and take a moment to do...whatever monks do to get spiritual.

    ​I'm no monk, but I've started setting a soft alarm bell between meetings to stop whatever I'm doing and take a moment to breathe deeply, relax my mind, and remind myself  what's really important (usually not work, haha).

    Doing this just once or twice a day has made a huge difference for me!

    Maria Liccardo

  • 4.  RE: Stretching ourselves

    Posted 06-13-2022 09:16
    @Amy Finkelstein thanks for starting this! I love the idea of setting an alarm to stretch, or to breathe. My Garmin watch reminds me when it's "time to move!" but I'm not always the best at it. I think that's a good goal for the week, though. Take the small reminders when they come, pause whatever I'm doing, and take a moment or so to be active (even in small ways). ​

    Stay awesome,