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Making the most of your day dream (believer)

  • 1.  Making the most of your day dream (believer)

    Posted 07-27-2022 15:22
    I've spent most of my life as a day dreamer, and subsequently, most of my life hearing that I needed to get my head out of the clouds and/or need to refocus on the task at hand. It's really challenging, because my brain LIKES to wander so much. TodayI read an article that talked about the benefits of day dreaming/mind-wandering - it can enhance cognitive thinking, increase productivity, and strengthen relationships. Aha! Sweet, sweet validation! 

    While validation always feels so good,  the real benefit of the piece for me comes next:  six strategies on how we can make the most of our mindwandering: 
    • Pay attention to your thoughts (and resulting patterns)
    • Know when to summon the muse (we're more creative when we're in a good mood, and a less-happy mood is better for "systematically attending to details) 
    • Identify when to turn it off (like when you're doing something that demands your attention) 
    • Switch up the mundane (bring your personal interests to mundane tasks) 
    • Learn to differentiate between broad vs. narrow wandering (think of narrow wandering as more of a spiral, whereas broad wandering helps play out various outcomes) 
    • Try mindful meandering (think about where you want to take your wander, rather than seeing where it goes) 

    I love these suggestions, specifically the mindful meandering. As a person who loves "a little bit of column A and a little bit of column B," this makes so much sense. It still allows for a good amount of creativity and broad-thinking, but also provides direction and a "home base" for my thoughts. 

    What do y'all daydreamers think, here? What works for you, to make your dreaming feel good and productive?  Or maybe, how do you define "productive" when it comes to day dreaming?

    Stay awesome,