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  • 1.  The best career advice you've ever gotten

    Posted 06-09-2022 10:13
    Early in my career, I was considering making a career change primarily for a bigger salary. At that time, I had a colleague who was about 10 years older and she served as my unofficial mentor. She was kind and encouraging when I felt stuck and frustrated. She was young enough to relate to my situation, but experienced enough to have lived through those early career years and provide some helpful insight without judgment. She told me, "The money will come. Make the decision that's right for your long term."  

    I've come back to that advice many times over the years and it's helped me focus on what I need vs. what might sound appealing in the now. 

    What's the best career advice you've ever gotten?


  • 2.  RE: The best career advice you've ever gotten

    Posted 06-09-2022 11:07
    The best career advice I ever got was while I was sitting on the deck of our Lakeview apartment shortly after I stepped down from a management position in the Sports section of the Chicago Tribune. I had a 10-month-old baby, our first, and the late hours (until 1 a.m. most nights), were NOT working out for me! I felt really despondent about stepping back (leaning out!) and losing out on the responsibility and visibility. A friend and colleague of my husband's was over for dinner that night,  and when I shared my feelings with her, she imparted this wisdom, which has fed me for the past 25 years: You don't need to be a manager to make an impact; you can step up and act like one without the title.

    Now, of course,  that doesn't mean you get to do the manager-y things like performance reviews, hiring,  or setting direction for the team. But our friend's message was that you can support your manager by being a strong second-in-command. And that's exactly what I did in my next two positions at the newspaper. I  found being the backup was much more enjoyable, sort of like what they say being a grandparent is like: You get to do all the fun stuff with the babies/kids and then hand them back to their parents when the kids get cranky! ​

    Maria Mooshil

  • 3.  RE: The best career advice you've ever gotten

    Posted 06-13-2022 09:34
    This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes, @Maria Mooshil:

    "You don't have to be a 'person of influence' to be influential. In fact, the most influential people in my life are probably not even aware of the things they've taught me." - Scott Adams

    Thanks for sharing your story!

    Stay awesome,