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  • 1.  THE Service Project

    Posted 06-22-2022 09:26
    As Rotarians, we know that we need to live a life of Servant Leadership. What is THE Service Project that you worked on that changed your mindset and heart? If it hasn't happened to you already, what is a project that WOULD propel you forwards? Is it in your community, your sister Club or somewhere off the beaten path? For me, it was delivering food with the Killeen-Heights Rotary after I transitioned out of the military. I saw good people who simply needed a little help during hard times - and the Servant Leaders who collected food and delivered it without fanfare. Everything was done with respect and love. The smiles and handshakes from people who didn't know each other made an impact on my life. I've gone on a few more deliveries since then...
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    Timothy Stroud

  • 2.  RE: THE Service Project

    Posted 06-22-2022 09:35
    Hi, @Timothy Stroud! Thanks for sharing your story. I'm not a Rotarian, but I am familiar with the concept of servant leadership and generally like it. When it's done well, wherein the leader is focusing on the growth/development of the communities they're leading, it feels good all around. But I've also experienced it where the leader leans a bit too far into the "saving" role rather than the serving role, and that feels significantly less good. It's something I like to be concious of when volunteering with communities - and for that reason I tend to look at volunteering as "with" rather than "for."

    I love that you mentioned everything was done with respect and love. Again, feels good all around. :)

    I volunteered with an organization last year to organize 5ks in various neighborhoods around the Chicagoland area. The mission of the org is to "be active, have fun, and give back." ​It was really awesome to see folks come together, enjoy each other's company, and give back to local communities through donations to various charities.

    Stay awesome,