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  • 1.  What're you working on?

    Posted 05-24-2022 13:07
    Hey friends - what's something you're working on this week? 

    As for me, I was slated to head to the Rotary Convention in Houston for the next couple of weeks, but plans have changed and now I'm home for the duration. So one of the things I'm working on is trying to figure out how I can best support my colleagues and friends who are going. Anyone have any suggestions? I know that's broad, but I'm open to all of your thoughts!

    Stay awesome,

  • 2.  RE: What're you working on?

    Posted 06-02-2022 14:17
    I never was going to convention, @Quinn Drew, but I, too, am trying to support my team while they all head to Houston. I got the impression, though, that by letting them know I'm available to work on things for them while they're gone, I might have been exerting too much pressure on them! Think about it: You're preparing for presentations at convention, trying to pack up supplies -- not to mention your travel suitcase -- and you also have a colleague asking you to throw some work her way while you're gone. I felt bad when I saw that all flash across the face of one of my colleagues, so I just said, "Never mind, I have plenty to work on!"

    So, although I was hoping to get a jump on projects they might have for me in the next month or two, instead, I'll just be on-call for them in case they need me to do anything for them while they're in Houston​.

    Meanwhile, I'll look to share any social media posts from the convention, which is a win-win for all Rotary staff and members -- and a win even for those who'll learn more about what we do. ​

    Maria Mooshil

  • 3.  RE: What're you working on?

    Posted 06-03-2022 15:25
    Neither Ryan Hyland nor I are Houston bound. We wrangled stories in advance from the bits and pieces we heard. I will be looking for any snippets of news from Houston, though. So if you hear anything, send it my way.

    Arnie Grahl