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  • 1.  What's your favorite app to stay connected?

    Posted 07-19-2022 10:39
    I know a lot of us are feeling Zoom fatigue (still/again/always?) but I really appreciate the fact that I've been able to reconnect with friends and family who live far away (and even some who live close, but have very busy lives) with the use of technology. 

    Currently, my favorite app is Marco Polo, which allows you to send short (or long, if you're feeling chatty) video messages to individuals or groups, that they can then watch whenever they have a few moments. 

    What about y'all? How do you stay in touch with folx?

    Stay awesome,

  • 2.  RE: What's your favorite app to stay connected?

    Posted 07-21-2022 09:27
    You know, I have to echo love of Marco Polo. My brother lives in California, my father in Texas, and my mother in Washington state. So, for family stuff alone, it has been useful, especially when I'm two hours ahead and wanting to chat at 5am my time. I can chat, and then they can hear my voice and see my face when they are able to, much later in the day. 

    I'll also note that this summer between residential teams at camp and academic staff at camp, I've been enjoying some Slack channels for immediate updates as well as Teams for my phone. I don't always have my computer open, as I'm frequently walking across campus, but these two apps help me keep the pulse of camp, which is a pretty fast pulse,  in real time.