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What's your office's dress code?

  • 1.  What's your office's dress code?

    Posted 04-19-2023 09:37

    As more and more people have gone back to the office (at least a few days a week) and settled into new routines, some people are still asking themselves - what do I wear? Office dress codes have gotten more lax because of the pandemic. Whille we may not be wearing pajamas to work, people are dressing decidely more comfortably. This Masterclass article is a good guide for the different types of office dress codes. 

    At my office, which I go to two days a week, the dress code is "dress for your day." This basically means on days where I'm working at my desk or primarily meeting with my team, jeans are OK. If I have a meeting with, say an executive from my organization's C-suite, I'm definitely dressing in at least business casual attire. This dress code allows for flexibility and comfort. It feels like my organization is considering the seismic shifts in fashion that have taken place in the past three years. 

    Has your office gone through similar changes? Does your company have a dress code, or are people still trying to figure it out?