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  • 1.  Your Unsung Hero

    Posted 12-14-2022 10:02
    I'm a news junkie, and one of my favorite ways to get news is NPR because it's just so convenient. I can catch the daily headlines on my way to work, have it playing in the background while I make dinner, or listen to their podcasts on a long car ride.

    A favorite segment of mine is My Unsung Hero. If you listen to NPR as much as I do, you've probably heard these listener stories about the people who made an impact in their lives. The unsung heroes hardly ever do something that would make the front page of the newspaper. Their actions are much smaller, usually a kind word, some sort of advice, or a quick check-in --- but the effect is huge. The storytellers are always grateful for these people, and more often than not, the heroes are complete strangers who probably didn't even realize how much their words and actions would matter.

    I think we all have stories like this, even if it's a stranger sharing a smile on a bad day or someone giving you a compliment when you least expect it. I've had strangers "pay it forward" in the Starbucks line, which always boost my mood. 

    Do you have your own unsung hero? Or, do you remember a time you've been an unsung hero? I find these stories so inspirational!

    Taylor Evans Ghosal
    Evanston IL