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  • 1.  Does Mindfulness Make You Kinder?

    Posted 10-05-2021 09:39
    What if the secret to making a bigger impact in the world around us is, at least in part, to focus on ourselves. Check out this quote from Does Mindfulness Meditation Really Make You Kinder? 

    "Almost any approach for cultivating care for others needs to start with paying attention," says Stanford researcher Erika Rosenberg. "The beginning of cultivating compassion and concern, or doing something for the benefit of others, is first noticing what something or someone means to you."

    It makes some sense to me: the more we learn to pay attention to what's happening within ourselves (our breath, thoughts, feelings, desires, goals, etc.), the better equipped we are to pay attention to how others are interacting with the world. 

    I'm not yet very good at mindfulness and staying present, but it's something I'm actively working on. I'm excited to think that by working on me, I can also have a better impact on those around me. 

    What do you think?

    Stay awesome,

  • 2.  RE: Does Mindfulness Make You Kinder?

    Posted 10-22-2021 16:17
    @Quinn Drew this quote about paying attention to ourselves and the affect it has on others made me think about bullying.  Personally, I feel like often when someone says something hurtful to another person it's because they themselves have some underlying unresolved issues that are manifesting themselves as negative energy towards other individuals, thus spreading the pain.

    I think being mindful of your own insecurities (and coming up with a plan for addressing/managing them) has a huge impact on how you interact, treat, and engage with those around you. ​It reminds me of an article from 2016 about a school in Baltimore that instead of sending children to detention would send them to a meditation room where they learned how to calm themselves down in a healthy way with a certified professional.

    I really like the positive spin this article has though that if you focus on yourself that you will be better enabled and more likely to show compassion towards others :)

    Alison Randall

  • 3.  RE: Does Mindfulness Make You Kinder?

    Posted 10-25-2021 16:09
    @Alison Randall, the article you posted is really powerful. Imagine if all schools started using mindful meditation and teaching kids how to regulate their emotions that way. It seems like it could cause a real revolution in improving mental health across the board. Of course, it would be complicated to implement. But the benefits...wow!​

    Maria Liccardo