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  • 1.  Food(bank) for Thought

    Posted 01-05-2021 08:43
    Hey'all - 

    I saw this come across in my Facebook feed and wanted to call it out here - some interesting advice about what to donate to food banks: 

    To be honest, all of this is stuff that lands in the "oh, that totally makes sense" column of my brain, but I haven't actually considered much of it while putting together donations for "canned drives" and the like. One thing that will definitely stick with me: donating cans with pop-tops and/or donating can-openers. (in fact, I've got an extra can opener in my drawer right now that could use a new home.)

    Do you have anything to add to this list from your own experience? 

    - Drew

  • 2.  RE: Food(bank) for Thought

    Posted 02-17-2021 17:06
    I love this. My church delivers food to a low income neighborhood and I've contributed but this list makes a huge lot of sense to me. And it would be an ideal thing for all food delivery efforts to have.
    I also know of a community garden that delivers the fresh produce they grew to a local food bank. I thought that was a delightful effort.
    If I lived closer, or was a master gardener, i would LOVE to spend spring/summer/early fall days volunteering in the garden to distribute to the food bank.
    Here's also a story about it:

    Arnold Grahl

  • 3.  RE: Food(bank) for Thought

    Posted 02-18-2021 08:12
    That's really cool, @Arnie Grahl! I know there are a few community gardens around me. Though I don't have the time or skills to maintain a plot, I may post that story to a couple of neighborhood groups on Facebook groups to see if it inspires anyone else to donate some of their fresh produce this spring/summer/fall! Thanks for sharing!​

    - Drew