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  • 1.  An upside to uncertainty

    Posted 09-08-2021 09:18
    I am the first to admit that uncertainty is terrifying. When I'm feeling uncertain, I'm also feeling anxious and overwhelmed and most definitely have a greater tendency to rabbit-hole on the "what-if" game. It's unsettling to say the least. Which is why I couldn't help but click on the article titled, "One Upside to the Feeling of Uncertainty" from the Greater Good Science magazine. The author references a few studies that all point to the same thing: when we're feeling uncertain, we're more likely to be present in the moment and to be grateful for what we have. 

    It makes some sense, right? If we aren't sure how things will be tomorrow, we tend to be more grateful for how they are today. And I think that's a pretty cool silver lining paint around the shades of grey I experience with uncertainty. 

    The studies referenced in the article got me thinking - not only about how I can find ways to be more present & grateful in the moment, but how I might be able to inspire others to do the same.  I'm going to make a goal to tell at least one person what I'm feeling grateful for each day this month, and hopefully they'll share something they're grateful for as well. A small start, but a manageable one. 

    Right now I'm feeling grateful for this coffee, and also for the cool breeze coming through my windows. 

    I'd love to know what you're feeling grateful for in this moment. Feel free to reply and tell me about it!

    #goalsetting #gratitude​​​

    Stay awesome,

  • 2.  RE: An upside to uncertainty

    Posted 11-03-2021 16:11
    @Quinn Drew thanks for brining up this topic of uncertainty. I have been practicing just sitting with the very uncomfortable feeling of uncertainty, instead of making a decision just for the sake of making a decision.

    This happened just recently: a friend of mine said she'd like to volunteer together on Thanksgiving to help those in need, but she didn't know where. I was indecisive because I've never volunteered on Thanksgiving before. Should I just do a quick search and go with the first thing that pops up? Or should I carefully research all the options and choose the one that fits our interests the best?

    I decided to just sit with the uncomfortable feeling for a bit. And guess what? Another mutual friend of ours sent an email saying she's volunteering on Thanksgiving and asked for additional people to sign up. Problem solved! I've found it happens so often that if I am able to just sit with indecision for a bit, a new alternative flies in from nowhere and solves it for me. 

    And to answer your question about gratitude: today I'm grateful for friends who like to volunteer together!

    Maria Liccardo

  • 3.  RE: An upside to uncertainty

    Posted 11-05-2021 08:14
    @Quinn Drew @Maria Liccardo  What a great example of "posit and proof!"  Uncertainty can be crippling.  Being present and grateful do seem to be the natural antidote to the anxiety of ambiguity.  The last two months have been particularly difficult for me with extreme uncertainty​​ in most critical quarters:  job, family, health, etc.   Like @Maria Liccardo, rather than "power through" to the other side ("When you're going through hell, just keep going - W. Churchill) I found focusing on the possibility of not knowing as an invitation for the Universe to listen and deliver what is needed and asked for.  Maria finding her volunteer opportunity​ is a perfect example of spiritual call and response.   Gratitude, presence and, in my mind, surrender,  create the environment for our needs and desires to manifest.  And with each resolution, the anxiety and fear abate and path to what's next becomes smoother.

    These are good stories to share. Thanks.

    Colette Martin-Wilde