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Discussion: #TFW: Following Your Heart Leads to Adventures Big and Small

  • 1.  Discussion: #TFW: Following Your Heart Leads to Adventures Big and Small

    Posted 10-26-2020 18:24
    Edited by Quinn Drew 10-26-2020 18:25
    We just posted a great Q&A blog post with @Lindsay Griswold about the connection between her undergrad ​coursework, Peace Corps experience, her training to become an IEP Peace Ambassador, and Positive Peace. 

    In particular, I love her thoughts on creating Positive Peace in our own lives: 

    "Put your hands on your heart. Does it feel peaceful? If not, what is the distress you're feeling? How can you work your way back to peace? I realize these are big questions. It will take hard work, introspection, and time to get to a state of self-peace. But once you are at peace with yourself, you can start working on finding peace with others in your life. Once you find peace within your relationships, you can start building peace within your community, and so on and so forth.

    Like anything: start small. Put your hands on your heart. That first small step will lead you to the next bigger one, and eventually, Positive Peace."

    Take a read when you get a moment, then let's chat!
    • What speaks to you most about this post?
    • How have your experiences connected to get you where you are? 
    • What skills have you transferred from volunteer experiences into other areas of your life?
    ... those are some thinks to think, but really, let's take this wherever you want to go!

    - Drew