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  • 1.  Chicago Volunteer Opportunity

    Posted 10-07-2020 22:28
    I was heard a PSA on NPR this weekend about Chicago Debates, a debate program for middle and high school students in Chicago. It's the largest urban policy debate league in the country. 

    They have volunteer opportunities for tournament judges and tournament operations (including some group volunteer opportunities) that I thought people may be interested in. (@S.J. Lilly, I'm looking at you!) Volunteer

    They're also doing a Criminal Justice Expert Lecture Series. You can check out past guest speakers (including a recent conversation with my Alderman Matt Martin!) on their YouTube channel: Chicago Debates.  Great stuff from our future leaders!

    Brianne Haxton

  • 2.  RE: Chicago Volunteer Opportunity

    Posted 10-08-2020 07:45
    This opportunity reminds me of another rad way to support students in the Chicago area. The Chicago Metro History Fair is often looking for judges in the early months of the year - hard to believe thats not very far away! The History Fair is part of the Chicago History Museum and is a competition between students to "Become Historians".

    From their website:

    "The Chicago Metro History Fair is a project-based inquiry program that empowers students to Become Historians who conduct research and share their conclusions! Guided by their teachers, students in grades six through twelve choose their own topics connected to an annual theme, and then conduct research, analyze sources, make an argument, and finally produce a project to show their work. Students make websites, performances, documentaries, papers, and exhibitions which are evaluated by community volunteers at annual competitions in the Chicago metro area. This rigorous and rewarding program prepares youth for high school and college expectations as well as civic engagement. "

    I have volunteered with this awesome program in the past and its just so incredible to see students engage with history in this way.  No experience necessary for judging, just a short training.  The competitions happen around the Chicago Metro area, some on weekdays and some on weekends in March-May.  

    More information here.
    Link to judging info here.

    Jean Doan