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  • 1.  What's your favorite way to volunteer?

    Posted 08-04-2021 13:44
    There are so many different ways you can volunteer. You can volunteer your time, your knowledge, with groups or individually. You can volunteer by interest, values, or location. I'm curious - what's your favorite way to volunteer?

    Personally, whenever I see a volunteer opportunity to pick up trash, be it on a beach, a park, or the side of the highway - count me in. I don't know what it is about being handed an empty trash bag that gets the blood pumping in my veins. It's an immediate challenge to fill the bag which can be done with a group or individually. I enjoy being outdoors and knowing that even if I collect one bag, that it's still one less bag of trash that's out there hurting the environment. 

    I am also fascinated by human behavior and am amazed by what people choose to discard. The largest item I've ever found has been an old school big box television on a riverbank. (I don't even know how it got there! It took three people to lift it.) The smallest item I've found was a Dallas Cowboys Lego hat. It was the size of my thumbnail.  It feels good to leave a place cleaner than when you found it.

    What's the one volunteer opportunity you can't pass up?

    Alison Randall

  • 2.  RE: What's your favorite way to volunteer?

    Posted 08-15-2021 22:51

    @Alison Randall, I prefer a volunteer opportunity that I can do with friends. @Beth Power got me involved years ago in a monthly volunteer opportunity where we cooked and served meals to guests at a local transitional housing shelter. The work was rewarding AND I got to spend time with some great people along the way.

    Next time you set off with your trash bag, let me know and maybe I can join you! We'll look for the rest of that Dallas Cowboys Lego player… 

    Brianne Haxton