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  • 1.  Top 10 Volunteering Organizations on LinkedIn

    Posted 09-11-2020 10:11
    LinkedIn recently published an article on "The Top 10 Volunteering Organizations." I love that Rotary made it to the top 10!

    It was great to see a huge spike in volunteering in 2020 due to people coming together during the pandemic, but also that more business professionals are listing their volunteer work in their CVs online. 

    I'm curious - Do you list your volunteer work in your résumé? Has it ever helped you get an interview or a job?

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    LinkedIn News on LinkedIn: #WorkforceReport | 141 comments
    Volunteering is on the rise across the United States. According to a new analysis by LinkedIn's Economic Graph team, LinkedIn's U.S. members have been ... 141 comments on LinkedIn
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    Julie Aubry

  • 2.  RE: Top 10 Volunteering Organizations on LinkedIn

    Posted 09-12-2020 14:36
    Great question, Julie -- and a refreshing report on increased volunteering in the LinkedIn story. 

    I think including volunteer experience is a key value add on a resume. Volunteering allows us to leverage skills that we may not use at our day jobs, and it including these details on a resume or LinkedIn profile help to define our experiences and affiliations, while also opening the door to potentially more inspiring interviews.

    Andy Sternberg