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  • 1.  Vaccination volunteering opportunities

    Posted 03-16-2021 14:03
    Edited by Arnie Grahl 03-16-2021 15:40
    As I mentioned in my blog post Volunteer Army makes vaccinations run smoothly, many volunteers have been stepping up to help immunize people against COVID-19 and help us turn the corner on this disease. I'm curious about your experiences: 

    Have you volunteered at a vaccination center?
    Do you have questions about how to do so, or advice for others seeking to volunteer?
    Do you know of opportunities you would like to share? (like Brian King did here, for instance)

    Arnold Grahl

  • 2.  RE: Vaccination volunteering opportunities

    Posted 03-31-2021 16:37
    Hi, @Arnie Grahl - I recently got my first COVID-19 vaccine shot and had a very different experience. Mine was at a Walgreens pharmacy, so there were no volunteers around. Just me, the person who checked me in, and the person who administered the shot. As I read your blog, I was thinking about how the "volunteer army" must have been great for efficiency, sure, but how their presence might have calmed some folks down, or contributed to a "this is a big deal and we're all in this together," kind of feel. Mine felt... kind of just like another flu shot.

    Stay awesome,