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  • 1.  The difference between hearing and listening

    Posted 10-04-2021 09:08
    Good Monday morning, everyone!

    I usually start any day reading an article  or blog post on some business topic that's interesting to me.  As a change professional and facilitator, I am partial to articles that talk about how people behave and respond in different situations  because it's people who get things done, not plans.  Today's post caught my eye and I thought I'd put it out there for everyone to consider and comment.

    "The difference between hearing and listening is comprehending. After all, knowledge is what you know, wisdom is acknowledging what you don't know. Listen, learn, and then lead."  Gary Burnison, Korn Ferry

    Read the post here:

    Have a great week, everyone.

    Colette Martin-Wilde

  • 2.  RE: The difference between hearing and listening

    Posted 10-05-2021 08:40
    Good morning, @Colette Martin-Wilde - this was a lovely read, thank you for sharing.

    I was listening to ​Brené on Armored versus Daring Leadership, Part 1 of 2 on a walk last night. She spoke a bit about the idea of staying curious - being a learner and getting it right, vs. being a knower and being right. The thumbs up/thumbs down part of the article you referenced reminded me of an example she used from one of her meetings. Someone was brave enough to ask the question, "what problem are we trying to solve in this meeting," and rather than the person leading the meeting answering aloud right away, they had each person write down their answer on a post-it note, then revealed them once everyone was done. Turned out that mostly everyone had a slightly different answer, which is why the meeting was challenging. 

    It was a good reminder that we all have a tendency to "jump on the bandwagon," especially if we're already following the person who starts or is driving that wagon. But in a world where we feel heard and understood, we can feel safer sharing our thoughts and staying curious. Listening to each other and learning from each other. 

    I hope you have a great week, too!

    Stay awesome,

  • 3.  RE: The difference between hearing and listening

    Posted 10-06-2021 07:26
    Hi @Quinn Drew and @Colette Martin-Wilde,

    Great topic post - the whole concept of listening has been on my mind lately, so this really resonated!

    Too often we value people who 'talk' yet for any conversation to be meaningful/successful, there needs to be a balance of talking and listening.  Listening is such an undervalued skill, yet so important.  Are we listening to respond or can we listen to understand the other person's perspective?  Can we set aside the self dialogue that we all have in our heads to create enough space for someone else to be truly heard?  Sometimes, are we listening for facts or feelings, where is the conversation going (listening with 'feet').   Other times, it's the 'unsaid words' that speak louder than the dialogue - do we listen out for that?

    Remaining curious in an increasing distracted world.... There is an irony in that when the phone was originally invented to facilitate conversations is now one of the top source of taking our attention away.  We say we yearn for connection.  Yet many cannot seem to take the time to connect with authenticity.  When we are so much in a rush to get to the next 'bit' - we've lost the sense of presence.

    Indeed, lets stay curious to listen, learn and lead.

    Ling Salter