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  • 1.  I want to hear your story

    Posted 01-11-2022 07:45
    Edited by Quinn Drew 01-11-2022 07:50
    So I was listening to a podcast yesterday (yep, you guessed it, Daring to Lead, from Brené  Brown) about Identity and Integrated Leadership. Brené was speaking with America Ferrera about her story - where she comes from, how she got started in her journey as an actor, human rights activist, director, and producer. America spoke about her realization that everything needed to be integrated in order to feel fully authentic. Excuse the long quote, but it literally stopped me in my tracks: 

    But I feel like my journey has been one of trying to escape those categories, trying to escape any of those labels. Because what it feels like is fracturing myself, fracturing my being into, "This is the part of me that's an actress and a performer and a storyteller, and this is the part of me that is an activist and fights and cares about the world." And that is not, that's just false. It's such a… It's so the wrong image for what it feels like to be me and what it feels like to be in my body, which is that, to me, storytelling is saving the world.

    To me, saving the world is about telling good stories, and I feel like I had to go on my journey that felt really lonely for a long time to figure that out and realize that it didn't have to make sense to other people and I didn't have to take one hat off to put the other one on and vice versa.

    My experience was that I am a human being, first and foremost, who is passionate about the world and what is the world if not the stories we tell, the stories we believe about ourselves, about each other that dictate how we are in the world and who we are to one another.

    All this to say, it's renewed my energy to get to know other people's stories. And wouldn't you know it? This morning I saw that @Angela Walker volunteered for the Share Your Knowledge opportunity. I'm so in. 

    Who else wants to join our discussion?  I'll tag a few folks here who I think might be interested:
    @Mary Connolly, @LaShonda Delivuk, @Dennis Evashenk, @Stacy Graham, @Jane DeMoss, @Mauricio Gonzales, @KEVEN MATTHEWS​​​​​​​​​

    Stay awesome,