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  • 1.  Consistency is hard!

    Posted 07-13-2021 17:24
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    I'm always working on "writing more" - and I kind of loosely define that as journaling, documenting my thoughts, jotting down notes, etc. I've had a .pdf of a article on my desktop for, I think, at least 6 months - possibly a year: "29 Journaling Tips That Help You To Journal Every Day." Every once in a while I open it up, look through it, think, "I should really write tonight," and then go about my business. 

    Writing comes in spurts for me: I'll keep the routine for a few days (sometimes weeks), but then I'll drop off for few weeks (sometimes months). Some of these tips are really good... if I could get myself to stick with it. Like: 

    • Start small and simple
    • Write whenever you want
    • Switch it up (get some variety in the practice) 
    • Use journaling prompts
    • Write one true sentence 
    Has anyone else struggled to write consistently? Or maybe struggled with a similar goal? What's worked for you to achieve success?

    Stay awesome,


  • 2.  RE: Consistency is hard!

    Posted 07-16-2021 09:27
    @Quinn Drew I struggle with doing all sorts of things consistently! Being accountable to someone else (literally anyone that is not me) helps me get over the "...but I don't wanntt toooo" hump.

    A close friend or family member may occasionally hear something like this from me: "I'm officially proclaiming that today I will go to the gym!" and they check in with me later to say, "So, did you make it there?"

    It feels so great to be proud of myself when I'm able to say, "YES, I DID!" and feels so awful to admit, "um, no i didn't"...the accountability to someone who cares about my well-being is very motivating for me.

    @Alison Randall do you have any tips for being consistent with new (or lapsed) good habits?​


    Maria Liccardo

  • 3.  RE: Consistency is hard!

    Posted 07-20-2021 08:29
    @Maria Liccardo I'm right there with you.  Accountability partners or groups are great ways to encourage each other to stay at it.  Recently I took up story telling which depends on writing consistently and constantly. I fell in with a small group of storytellers and we meet every two weeks to share and develop stories.  Minimally, if I've failed at writing daily, I will always put in a couple of marathon sessions before meeting night so I have something to offer.  Having that accountability guilt is definitely a motivator, but the encouragement from the group is a much better motivator.

    Beyond accountability, though, I'd be interested in techniques to stay interested to the end.  Oftentimes I start something with a great deal of interest and enthusiasm, but as time wears on, it isn't as shiny and interesting anymore and takes a great deal more energy to stick with it to the end. 

    What do people do to stay interested?

    Thanks. ​​

    Colette Martin-Wilde

  • 4.  RE: Consistency is hard!

    Posted 07-27-2021 11:28
    @Quinn Drew I think those tips are good ones. Especially start small and simple. Or write one true sentence. Professionally, I struggle most with the blank page syndrome, or more appropriately these days the blank screen syndrome. And I want the beginning to be perfect before I move on. but sometimes I have to force myself to just move forward. Messy first draft is a concept I've heard and try to embrace. It's OK if what you throw on the screen is not great at first, that's what editing is for. Easier said than done sometimes. But it helps me when I am stuck on one point. Nonprofessionally, in journaling, I struggle wanting everything I write to be profound. But very little (if any) of it really is. I just have to push forward.​

    Arnold Grahl