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Lessons from Star Wars (and no, this is not about Letting the Force Be With You)

  • 1.  Lessons from Star Wars (and no, this is not about Letting the Force Be With You)

    Posted 03-08-2022 10:03
    Edited by Arnie Grahl 03-08-2022 14:59
    I've been watching Boba Fett on Disney + lately. And let me first apologize for that blatant plug of a streaming service. And the fact this post is only going to sort of relate to volunteering, mentoring, or professional development. But I'm betting there are other Connect readers out there who grew up on Star Wars, and maybe even saw the first episode for the first time in a packed theater like I did with it forever emblazoned on our hearts.
    I have been wrestling with whether I like (spoiler alert) the reintroduction of a young Luke Skywalker into the series. I had an immediate excitement at the reconnecting with a fond character from the past. But once the initial thrill wears off, I am left with an odd feeling about the combination of an actor "double," Deep Fake technology, and audio manipulated from previous footage. It seems sort of fake and stilted.
    I'm not sure there are real life lessons in that alone. But I think there are in a lot of the things Star Wars explores.
    For sure, Luke's repeated advice to Grogu "Don't try, Do" has a lot of application. We can totally overthink things in our personal and professional life.
    Luke's ability to just sit at peace with the universe in stillness under a shady tree is a great lesson in the power of meditation.
    And of course, there is always something magical in Let the Force Be With You. that there is an energy and a force greater than our own that can guide us. (It doesn't necessarily even have to be religious, but a recognition that there is more to life than us and what we are feeling)
    Anyway, does anyone else have thoughts about Deep Fake and the reintroduction of old characters (particularly now dead ones like Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin in Rogue One?)
    What life lessons have you applied, not just from Star Wars but other films or readings, in your professional life.

    Arnie Grahl