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  • 1.  Off hours work communications - Put boundaries on it?

    Posted 11-18-2021 11:10
    In the EU, there is a movement to carve out "rest periods" for workers where employers cannot contact employees about work during off - work hours.  
    This article considers how such a move might or might not work in the US.
    Fined... for late night texting

     I like the concept of employers respecting an employee's right to time away from the office without work infringing on it, and  I understand there's room for choice. What do people think? How might this work in the US? @Maria Liccardo @Brianne Haxton @Chris Weaver what are your thoughts?

    Would love to hear from the wider group.

    Have a great Thanksgiving everyone.

    Colette Martin-Wilde

  • 2.  RE: Off hours work communications - Put boundaries on it?

    Posted 11-18-2021 11:44
    @Colette Martin-Wilde I had not heard of this concept before, thanks for sharing this article! I can appreciate the nuances of the United States' workaholic culture...but I think we're at a unique place in history where the power is shifting back to the people (yes!!) and this could get some traction.

    While the US may not be able to make a blanket governmental decree, we could elevate this conversation, so that it becomes a standard part of healthy interviewing--the employer is up-front about expected number of work hours, and when those hours might be worked. Additionally, those applying for the position could be empowered to ask pointed questions about expected availability outside of the normal 40-hour work week, without being labeled as a slacker.

    We could also have individual, written agreements with each hired employee based on their work assignments. For example, those working closely with colleagues across the globe would be "expected/allowed" to work outside of normal hours, but encouraged to only work a 40-hour work week overall. Or for positions that normally work more than 40 hours, both parties can acknowledge that in writing.

    I would absolutely love for us to take advantage of the current power shift in order to right-size jobs so that workers are paid a fair wage with work hours that promote sanity :)

    Maria Liccardo