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Connect by Rotary is an impact platform that unites purpose-driven people like you through mentorship opportunities, knowledge sharing, and volunteer matching to advance careers, causes, and communities for good.


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Nick K.
"This is the positive space for growth, being vulnerable, and networking I wish I'd had at the start of my career."

Beth P.
“If the last year has taught us anything, it's that connection is vital - and can come from lots of different sources. In this case, connections have been made in this online community and I'm so grateful for it.

Maurico G.
"I love finding other writers' perspectives and experiences and learning from their insightful and dynamic thinking."

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We are united by a shared goal: making a positive impact on the world and in our communities. With Connect, you will find ample opportunities to create change, through mentorship, volunteering, or investing time in your own personal and professional development.

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  • Posted in: Open Forum

    "my mind has an endless capacity for useless information." - This is 100% me. Put me on your trivia team, I'm a ringer! But I agree with so much that's in this thread already. I find I get a little obsessed with a fascination of things (blaming streaming ...

  • Posted in: Open Forum

    I feel you on this one Arnie, I'm very much a rule follower! I think I've always found comfort in the structure of knowing the rules and following them, which also folds into the people-pleaser in me - follow the rules and others will be happy too! It ...

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  • Posted in: Open Forum

    I feel like I am a rule follower (except when I am not). But more times than not, I am. I know this because I will often try and determine the proscribed thing to do and then worry about not doing it the right way. I also know this because when I see ...

  • Posted in: Open Forum

    Variety is the spice of life. The good thing about knowing a little bit about a lot of things is it keeps life fresh. At various points in my life, I have been way into backpacking, bicycling, gardening, painting, cooking, woodworking, and a litter of ...

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    RE: Dandelions

    Posted in: Open Forum

    I love this idea of eating dandelions. Or maybe making Dandelion wine. Is that really such a thing? And does it taste good? ------------------------------ Arnie Grahl ------------------------------

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