Mentor Match FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mentor Matching?  

It’s Connect’s free online tool that helps to create mentoring relationships. Because we know making a connection is personal, we want you to drive the process. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll recommend folks that match your preferences. 


How are mentors and mentees matched?  

We use information you provide when you enroll to determine which mentors best fit your interests and needs. Matches are also made based on mentoring topics, time you’re able to invest, and the career stage you’re in. 

We’ll provide you with a list of potential matches so you can learn more about their areas of expertise on their profiles. Once you find someone who fits your style, send them a mentor request by using the button under their photo. Once they accept, you’ll be on your way. 


How long will the mentor relationship last?   

Communication is key: We recommend that mentors and mentees meet regularly for six months, but the program is flexible. At your first meeting, you and your mentor should discuss the length of the relationship and set a frequency for meeting that best supports your goals. Some mentors and mentees meet weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. It’s really up to you. 


When does the program start?  

Rather than have a firm start and end date, these matches happen on a rolling basis. Enroll as a mentee, or apply as a mentor when you’re ready, and we’ll get you started soon thereafter. If you need to take a break at any point, we’ve got you covered.   


Where will we meet?    

This varies greatly based on the preferences of each pair. Some of our pairs meet virtually through a video platform, over the phone, and others in-person. Discuss what works best for you with your partner, or try out a few methods and see what feels best. 


Is the Connect Mentor Match individual or group mentoring?  

Our mentoring relationships are one-on-one. 


Can I have more than one mentor or mentee?  

While there isn’t a limit to the number of mentoring relationships you can create, please consider the amount of time and energy you can commit to each relationship. 



How do I become a mentee? 

Visit the enrollment page, fill out the form, and hit SAVE. You can update additional information and make edits to your mentee status at any time through your profile.  
Who are your mentors?  

Our mentors are leaders in their communities and professions who’re already doing good work in the world. They share a commitment to personal and professional development and help their communities through a variety of activities. All Connect mentors complete a certification course through Rotary’s Learning Center. 
How do I find a mentor?  

Once you’ve enrolled as a mentee, select criteria that fits your needs from our checklist, then click “search.” The page will then populate with our recommended matches. Take a few moments to learn about your potential mentors via their profiles. When you find a good match, click “send a mentor request” and follow the prompts to send your message.   
What should I do if I don’t hear from the mentor I requested?  

If you don’t hear from the mentor within one or two weeks, send the Connect Community Manager (Quinn) a message and they’ll follow up with the mentor you’ve selected. You can also search for a new mentor
What if my mentor isn’t the right “fit” for my needs?  

It’s okay; sometimes mentors and mentees don’t click. If you feel like you’re not connecting with your mentor, have an honest and kind conversation with them. This might create a better relationship with your mentor. But, if not, thank them for their time and search for a new mentor.


What are the expectations for mentors?  

We expect Connect mentors to:  

  • Be approachable and available to your mentee 
  • Provide a safe environment that encourages honest conversations 
  • Maintain a professional relationship with their mentee  

We ask you to fulfill your commitment and develop at least one mentoring relationship. We also request that you respond to mentor requests in a timely fashion, even if it is to decline the request. Once you’ve developed a relationship, we expect you’ll communicate with your mentee as you have both agreed upon. 
How much time will I need to invest as a mentor?  

Mentoring can look very different in every relationship. Discuss your expectations about time and communication during your first meeting and agree on a schedule that works best for both of you. 

Keep in mind that mentoring doesn’t always require large amounts of your time. Even brief phone calls or e-mail exchanges can make a big difference.  
How do I become a Connect mentor?  

Start by filling out our short application. If you’re accepted, we’ll send you additional information including a link to our online training course through Rotary’s Learning Center.   
Who are your mentees?  

Our mentees are Connectors looking for support and guidance on a wide variety of mentoring topics.    
How do I find mentees?  

Once you’ve completed your training course, find a mentee by selecting areas of interest that you can share knowledge and experience. Then click “search” and Connect will populate with a list of recommended matches. Review each mentee by looking at their profile to learn more about them. Once you find someone you think you’d like to work with, click “send a mentee request” and follow the prompts to send an introduction message. 


How will I know if someone has selected me as their mentor?  

You’ll receive a request in your Connect inbox and the email address associated with your Connect account. You’ll have an option to either accept or reject the request.  
Is it okay to reject a request?  

If after having an initial conversation with your potential mentee, you decide that the relationship would not be mutually fulfilling, go to “My Mentoring Relationships” (found on your profile under “My Connections” and check decline on the specific request, or mark it as “completed.” We ask that you communicate honestly and kindly with the mentee as to why you don’t think that you’d be a good fit as their mentor. 
What if I’m going to be on vacation or temporarily unavailable?  

If you’re in a mentoring relationship, please communicate directly with your mentee. If you’re not currently in a mentoring relationship, edit your mentor status from your mentor profile. Click “Edit Mentor Status,” and then check the box that says, “Temporarily Not Participating”. This will remove your mentoring profile from the directory.      
How do I complete the mentoring relationship?   

When you’re ready to complete the relationship, navigate to "My Mentoring Relationships" (from your profile, click the “My Connections” tab, then “Mentoring Relationships”) and mark the relationship as completed.