The Connect Mentor Match

Welcome to Connect Mentor Match!

Every experience you have in life presents an opportunity to learn something new. We’re great at gathering knowledge, but with busy schedules, family life, and other obligations - we aren’t always the best at taking the time to fully process it. 

Sometimes we need help to find someone to share our knowledge with and mentor or who can share their experience and expertise with us. The Connect Mentor Match reflects our commitment to your professional development. Our goal is to connect people who are interested in growing their skill sets and provide a space for that relationship to thrive. 

What makes us different from other mentoring programs?


We’ll find your match. 

Finding the right match can seem overwhelming, and we’re here to help. When you sign up, we’ll ask you to share some information about yourself and what you’d like to get out of the experience. Then we will recommend mentors or mentees who fit your goals and expectations. We’ll even get you started with an introduction message. 


We keep it flexible. 

Once you’re matched, you’ll work together - mentor and mentee - to decide the best schedule for you based on your goals and availability. We recommend that mentors and mentees meet regularly for six months. However, maybe your needs are better served by meeting weekly for two months, or monthly for a year. We’re here to support your journey, whatever it looks like. 


We’re a community. 

Connect offers more than just mentoring, which means there’s opportunities to grow, right here online. 

Mentors and mentees can: 

  • Start conversations and ask advice in our discussion forums
  • Participate in, or suggest volunteer opportunities to work on together 
  • Network with Connectors who share similar interests and goals 
  • Complete activities tied to the goals you’ve set - like writing blog posts or planning events 



    Our mentors are certifiably awesome! They’re leaders in their communities and organizations, and fully committed to bringing out the best in others. How can we be so sure? We prepare our mentors through Rotary’s Learning Center to guide you toward your best self.

    Ready for the next step?