Emilio Nuzzolese

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Forensic Odontologist, Researcher, and Professor in Legal Medicine at University of Turin (Italy) and Head of Human Identification and Forensic Odontology Laboratory at the Medico-legal Institute of Turin. Expert witness in Civil and Penal Court for dental disputes and professional liability, Human Rights activist and Legal Guardian.

Graduated in dentistry at the University of Bari, Italy, in 1994. Holds post-graduate certifications in Legal Medicine, Forensic Sciences and Forensic Odontology,  and a Research Doctorate degree (Ph.D.) on Analytic Morphometry. In April 2021 he graduated in Science in Law (B.S.L.).

Forensic Associative involvements: participating odontologist in the INTERPOL DVI Forensic Odontology Sub-Working Group, since 2010. President and Founder of the Civil Protection Association Dental Team DVI Europe. Co-founder and current President of the Association Forensic Odontology for Human Rights ( Fellow of the Odontology Section of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, since 2011.

He presented over 100 papers in national and international forensic sciences meetings and journals and has been invited speaker in several congresses in Italy and abroad (Canada, China, Indonesia, India, Hungary, Nepal, Romania, Sudan, USA, UK), starting in 2006 as Invited Speaker at the forensic dentistry session of the FDI World Dental Congress in Shenzen (Republic of China).