Sara Neiman

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Following graduation in 2012 at Illinois State University, I taught social studies in Chicago, Illinois. As a middle school teacher, I have planned, created, and collaborated to ensure my classroom was engaging and rigorous for 6th through 8th-grade students. I have actively engaged with young scholars in both the social studies classroom and outside the classroom as a teacher, coach, and athletic director. I have designed a social studies curriculum for K-8 grade students to reflect common core standards at Plato Learning Academy. I designed curriculum internally throughout my classroom and across grade levels for social studies and writing to be thematic and congruent at Rowe Middle School. I have conducted and facilitated fundraisers for Puerto Hurricane Relief and Gentrification in West Town with my previous students.

Currently, I am an outreach coordinator for TechGirlz in the Chicagoland area. TechGirlz is a nonprofit that helps close the gender gap in technology. We exist to collaborate with communities to provide rigorous, hands-on, and creative educational tech opportunities within a safe, inviting space so that young girls can explore various tech careers and tech pathways while building lifelong confidence in the modern world. I collaborate with like-minded companies, schools, organizations, and individual volunteers to utilize our tech curricula for girls to improve equality in the tech space. Let's bring more opportunities for girls in the future!