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How can we open eyes and educate others to the reality of living with neurological disorders such as autism, epilepsy, multiple schlerosis? 

03-11-2022 12:54
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03-14-2022 15:31

Thanks for sharing this pdf, @Elizabeth Wyman. I'm not sure I know the answer to your question, beyond encouraging people to support organizations like the Epilepsy Foundation and visit their website to learn more. I know you know a lot about the subject and I admire your desire to get more people to understand not just this condition but a lot of neurological conditions..
My daughter is epileptic, a part of her larger condition of CDKL5. Dealing with her seizures since she was just a few months old has been a learning process for my wife and I. My daughter is now 19, and her seizures are better, controlled by medicine and the Ketogenic diet. As with a lot of these conditions, epilepsy touches people in a wide variety of ways, either as part of other disorders, or as its own condition. I'm not sure I would know what I do know about it, and I could know more certainly, if it wasn't a part of my daughter's condition. But it is great to draw awareness to it in whatever ways we can. Information like 65 million people have epilepsy, 3.4 million of those in the United States.  A third of those live with uncontrolled seizures despite taking medication.
November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month, and purple is the color the campaign uses in its publicity. We should do a blog post here on Connect that month!​​