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Tips for Effective Meetings 

05-04-2020 21:10

Many times your teamwork skills will be put to the test in meetings with your team mates. This visual guide can help set the tone for meetings within a new team, to make meetings productive instead of a waste of time or butting heads. If you’re on an existing team with ineffective meetings, you could try introducing some of these strategies slowly, and see if it helps move your team toward productive (and possibly fun?) meetings!

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05-08-2020 10:31

Really useful tips, @Quinn Drew! Good meetings don't happen by accident.  Effective meetings are usually well run, logistically. Having a clear purpose and agenda for bringing people together are key to getting the best results from your meeting. Here are 4 things to think about:
  • What is your objective for the meeting? Know what you want the meeting to produce, e.g.,  document, task list, update information only.  
  • How do you want people to feel when the meeting is over?  This "experiential objective" is often overlooked and critical to getting results. Do you want people to feel engaged? Empowered to act? When people feel positive, helpful and well directed, outcomes improve.
  • Be clear as to what question you want answered and the scope. sketch out what you know, what you hope to learn, so that you can help people focus and contribute.
  • Create a participatory environment that fosters listening, sharing and discussion.  Help people honor different viewpoints and encourage examination and speculation together.